Our Mission


Our Preschool is your child’s home away from home. Our mission is to help your child recognize the unique potential that they were given and let them shine. By providing a loving, child-centered environment, we aim to empower our children to use their unique capabilities to impact their surroundings. By tapping into each child’s curiosity and individuality, we empower them to reach their full potential.

Our Crew


Professional, dedicated, and loving are words that speak volumes about the team at the FBP. Equipped with years of academic study as well as professional experience, our staff strives continuously to respond to the individual needs of each child. Employing cutting-edge methodology and liberal doses of warm, loving, care, our staff is passionate about providing children with a magical, engaging, and inspiring, first school experience.Our skilled teachers seize upon children’s innate curiosity and sense of wonder through careful observation and documentation of their play. As teachers discern what inspires children, they develop an emergent curriculum that targets their interests while ensuring that each child is progressing in their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. This inquiry-based approach allows children to steer their own learning. Children are developing math, social studies, literacy and scientific skills through the co-constructed study of what interests them and is relevant to their daily lives. Whether they are trying to figure out how a zipper works, what makes flowers grow, how water turns to ice, or how to collaborate with a friend to construct a block structure that won’t topple, our teachers help facilitate their learning. They support children by helping them organize thinking, create plans and find the tools needed to solve problems and work collaboratively.

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Our Families

We love our families. They are warm, friendly, open to building new friendships and helping each other in raising their families. To join the Florence Brownstein Preschool means not only for your child to build beautiful friendships, but for you, the parents, to be welcomed into a warm and friendly community and build beautiful friendships yourselves. Parent socials are organized throughout the year by class moms, and parents get together on their own all the time (with or without their kids!).

Featured Testimonial

We joined Chabad of PW’s preschool when our daughter was in the 4’s. She was immunocompromised and we immediately felt comfortable at Chabad, seeing how perfectly clean and pristine the facilities were. What really bowled us over was the exceptional education our daughter received. We had been at a few different preschools with our older children so we thought we understood the typical preschool education. Chabad was completely different and altogether extraordinary. The teachers went above and beyond to make learning so much fun that the children didn’t realize playtime was actually educational. The mini-Israel center was our daughter’s favorite; she looked forward to creative play there daily. Chabad Preschool deserves the highest accolades. It’s truly the best. My only regret is not sending all of my children there.

Janet and Daniel Mermel